About My clients

clients-about-imageThe motivation for my clients seeking my personal styling services are varied. However, underlying all the possible motivations is to feel special both inside and out.

Ten reasons to call me:


  1. You have an upcoming wedding, class reunion, special vacation
  2. You want to spice up your look once the kids are finally of school age
  3. You want to add some individuality and flair to your business attire
  4. You have banished some of those unwanted pounds (congratulations!)
  5. You find it difficult to match clothing to body type
  6. You have difficulty with color coordination
  7. Your accessories don't seem to harmonize
  8. Breaking out of your "comfort clothes" rut seems impossible
  9. You are back on the dating scene
  10. You want to add a bit of European panache


Whatever the motivation you deserve to BeStunning!